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UpViral Review & My Awesome Bonus Package

Product: UpViral
Creator: Wilco de Kreij
Launch Date: April 7th 2016 at 10am EST
Price: $47/month, $297/year  and a Special life time offer for connect leads
Verdict: 2 thumbs up! Amazing Viral capabilities..
Website: Upviral

Hey guys (and gals), Thank you for checking out my Upviral Review. Be sure to scroll to the end of this review to see my exclusive Bonus Package! (UPDATED 8/3/2015)


Upviral Review


What is Upviral


Before we start I want to explain what UpViral is and why it is so “amazing”.

To be honest – Upviral is the best viral referral program I have ever seen for building your business quickly and getting it into the fast lane.

    • Sites like Drop box and Dollar Shave Club have used a system JUST like this to go from 100k users to 4 million!
    • They did this in only 15 months! With this type of referral system these numbers are common.
    • Wilco de Kreij has so effectively harnessed this staggering referral power I am frankly in awe.
    • Empowers anyone to use a proven viral referral system with no tech knowledge needed.

Included in this hands off done for you referral system are pre-made templates and a very simple to use interface. You will have your viral campaign up and producing in just a few minutes time – Absolutely NO technical skills are needed.

Wilco De Kreij has quietly been working for months perfecting Upviral, pouring his heart and soul into it. He aimed to create the best viral marketing system ever and his time and effort really show.

His past launches were very successful pulling in over $500,000 in sales multiple times so he clearly knows what he is doing. What is super exciting to me is the fact that he is sure this will be his most poplar product to date!

Upviral is designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing website. You can do a free give away or run a contest that will encourage leads to share your content with their friends. The more they share the more bonuses they unlock from you. It costs them nothing to share your promotion and they gain from doing it.

This is the true power of viral marketing. Ten leads can very quickly turn into 100 leads through their own word of mouth. Every lead you bring in goes out and finds more leads for you. That’s what I call leverage.

Upviral review

Upviral Bonus and discount

How Upviral works – leverage your leads

You can use Upviral to rapidly grow your business in a multitude of ways.

  • Point systems: You can grant them points for sharing your offer on social network sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and  more. These points unlock your offers, you set up the point cost and the offer it unlocks. You can even have multiple offers for doing different share tasks.
  • Contests: You can run your own contest and give your leads a higher chance of winning a prize based on how many times they get their friends to sign up for free. Every one that signs up becomes a new lead for you who will go out and do the same.
  • YOU get full control: You decide what action you want them to take, how many points it earns them, what prizes it unlocks or what content they get as a reward. There are endless ways to set up this system and YOU are in control.
  • Upviral integratration: It is simple to flawlessly add your campaign into your already existing webpages and lead generating funnels. There is no need to create a new page just for your Upviral offer. That is what truely makes this viral system SO powerful. You can simply add your viral offer into the existing funnel at any point you wish.
  • Upviral automation: The automated system will take care of all your follow up emails to leads. Every lead you get will get gentle email reminders to keep sharing your content. There is even built in split testing to see exactly what kind of email campaign works best for you.
  • Hands off delivery of your products, contests and give-aways: When your leads have earned enough points the system delivers your reward to them on auto pilot. This makes for a truely hands off experience so you can focus on growing your product or business


Upviral Pricing – How much does it cost?

upviral pricing

The pricing options on Upviral were decided to be fair for any budget!

You can chose one of 3 options:

  1. $47 per month subscription
  2. $297 per year – (Thats a $247 savings over monthly)

Review of Upviral Upsells:

The Upsells are actually as exciting as the main product itself. Especially ConnectAudience.
Below I will give you an in depth look at what you can expect when you decide to buy Upviral and
how it can help you so much with your business. I have read all of Wilco’s public notes and spoke
to him in person so I can give you the VERY best review possible.

Viral Hacking Masterclass

Upviral Viral Hacking Masterclass

Price: $97 Life time access

This is a 6 week class taught via video that will teach you everything there is to know in order to take your Upviral campaignes to the next level.
The class itself is taught by Wilco De Kreij and it contains an extra week (week 7) of case studies. The case studies will allow you to view these
hot working tactics in live action!


Upviral Connectaudience

Price options:

$27 per month

$197 per year (That is $127 in savings)


ConnectAudience is what I am SUPER excited for and could rightly be its own MAJOR product in itself!

Wilco somehow got permission to connect Upviral to Facebook’s API interface. That is very hard to acomplish and let me tell you why..

Now you can hook your Autoresponder directly to your Facebook Ads account. You will now be able to determine
who on your email list is using Facebook and retrieve their user information.

With this unique user information you can run CUSTOM FACEBOOK ADS!

You can go into deep details such as:

  • Who has bought from you before that uses Facebook
  • Who on Facebook opens your emails the most
  • Who on Facebook bought this product and also this product from you in the past
  • Who on Facebook has clicked a certain link or opened a certain email that you have sent

With this new ability to run custom Facebook ads you you can run ads to your Mailing list DAILY and they will never be upset at you for it.

Every time they log into Facebook they will see your ads in the corner gently nudging them to visit your page and reminding them of you.

Thats right! Now you can advertise to your leads via e-mail and then AGAIN when they log into Facebook.

You know, it is said the average Facebook user logs in up to 10x a day! Now that is Powerful.

Combine this with an Upviral give away and the amount of leads and sales you can generate is limited only to your imagination and how many ads you want to run! 🙂

Upviral Bonus – Get my exclusive Extras

I have worked hard to compile a exclusive list of relevant bonuses that will compliment your Upviral experience!

Be sure to clear your cookies THEN click THIS LINK to ensure you get your extras.

They will be auto-delivered as soon as you purchase! I hope you enjoy the AMAZING viral capabilities of Upviral as much as I do and these bonuses will blow up that experience to the next level!


Bonus 1:  UberOptin

uberoptin Upviral Bonus

Play the video for a detailed explanation from Wilco himself about this amazing add on.

This plugin is amazing and will easily double your Viral effect!


uberoptin bonus


Bonus 2: OptinPop!

optinpop review

Capture your leads before they exit using these high converting exit popup!

This is easy to use and a powerful secret among the best marketers.

Both OptinPop! and UberOptin together will give your marketing campaign the kind of Rocket Fuel nobody else has!



Bonus 3: The Viral Marketing Effect

Viral Marketing Effect

  • Learn how to go viral and make your business an overnight success.
  • Imagine waking up to find out everyone is talking about your product or service.
  • That is the power of viral marketing and this training guide can get you there in a short period of time!
  • This is the perfect compliment to this powerful referral marketing software Wilco has created.

Bonus 4: Hot And Viral Marketing

hot viral marketing tips

  • If you have ever seen a viral marketing campaign you know how fast it can quickly take off into mind blowing numbers.
  • Get the “Guru” secrets to take your campaigns to the next level and experience your own success story.
  • No longer will all the secrets be held behind closed doors. In 2015 there is no reason why anyone can not go viral!


Bonus 5: Viral Marketing Values

viral marketing values

  • This will show you how to grow any business on a low budget.
  • While spending money to advertise definitely helps, there are tons of free ways to go viral.
  • Did you know many campaigns have gone viral from using these cheap or free methods?
  • Yours can too! I personally use paid and free advertising and I see tremendous results from BOTH.


Bonus 6: Understanding Viral Marketing

understanding viral marketing

  • Discover All There Is To Know About Viral Marketing in 2015.
  • Get the deep details of how a campaign goes viral, what to do and what NOT to do.
  • Are these bonuses getting your attention yet? I hand picked these over a course of a month!


Bonus 7: 200 Social Media Tactics

social media tactics

  • Imagine being able to reach hundreds and thousands of new customers without a high ticket advertising budget!
  • Imagine generating new leads daily and on complete auto-pilot.
  • in 2015, this is not only possible but probable if you know the right Social Media tactics.
  • In this book you will learn 200 HIGH POWERED ways to explode your leads and business without breaking the bank!


join upviral login

I want to thank you for checking out my Upviral review. Click the “Join Now” button above and all of my bonuses will be auto delivered right to you! 🙂 – JD

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11 Responses to “UpViral Review and Bonus”
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  1. Do you know if the url can be somehow masked so when we share it our competitors won’t see address name in the url? Thanks. By the way how do I get the lifetime membership? Regards.

    1. Hey Mike,

      Any URL can be masked by the use of Pretty Link. Just google “Pretty Link”. Life time membership was only available during launch for the first customers. However, Upviral is worth it at ANY price. Hope this helps! 🙂

  2. The link that UpViral gives you — can that be posted in emails, Twitter, etc., or is this purely a FaceBook project?

    1. Hey MaryAnn,

      Good question! It can be posted anywhere a link can be shared. 🙂

      Powerful stuff.

  3. Wow – this program looks GREAT JD!

    Can you tell me – would it be good for a NEWBIE to Internet Marketing and Social Media marketing?

    I DO have some marketing experience OFFLINE – but I’ve never dived into the world of “I.M” and this seems quite exciting

    Let me know your thoughts – is this good for me?


    1. Hey Deb, Upviral is very user friendly. If you watch my review video you will see how easy it is to set up a functioning campaign.
      One the campaign is active all you have to do is share the link via Social media or any other method of choice.
      Each person that signs up will get their on share link to unlock your content and they then share with their friends who get the same link.
      That is the power of this website, anyone can go viral. Offline and Online marketing share some of the same methods so you should have no problems!
      Hope this helps! 🙂

  4. Hey man, I’m interested in the bonuses too, please let me know 🙂


    1. Bonuses are updated as of 8/3/2015 🙂

    2. Hey Marcel, Bonuses will be here real soon. I am adding more daily to add as much value as possible! Hope to see you back soon. 🙂

  5. Hey Jeff! Keep a sharp eye on this page because my exclusive bonuses will be listed at the very bottom of the page very soon! PS – Jeff’s rock!

  6. Hey man, great review… I can’t wait to check out the product Itself. Can you tell me more about your bonus offer?

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