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Unleash The Power Of Bonuses To Set Your Sales Chart On Fire


Bonuses offer an excellent opportunity to make a standard proposition much more irresistible. They can help you to convert a maybe into a solid YES. If you want to maximize the income generation capacity of your online (or even offline) business, you simply cannot overlook the massive potential of bonuses!

how to make good bonuses

The average individual is constantly being bombarded with advertisements. Chances are, by the time a person has woken up in the morning and got to work, thousands of ads and banners have tried to make that person part with his/her money.

As a result of this blatant marketing, people have become blind advertising – they have simply learned to ignore sales pages and ads. The only way to cut through this shield is to make people an offer that they simply cannot refuse!

(Cheers Godfather Fans!) Bonuses, freebies and other goodies help you to differentiate yourself from your competitors. They make your deal more compelling and enable you to deliver more value to the buyer. Bonuses give people more reasons to buy your product!


Bonuses even help brick and mortar businesses generate sales

Try going to a car showroom – the sales consultant will literally overload you with bonus offers. You will get free warranty, comprehensive insurance, accessories and lots more bells and whistles.

Of course you have to pay for these products and services – even freedom does not come for free in our materialistic world! However, the marketing guys make it sound like you are getting a lot more than what you pay for.

The same principle applies to shopping mall sales, electronic goods and so on. Companies utilize bonuses to create excitement and buzz. They use holidays and public festivals like Boxing day, Christmas, Thanksgiving etc. to incite a buying frenzy among the public!

Websites too, make the same attempt – try googling just about anything and click just about any result. Once you land on the website, you will be tempted with e-books, newsletters, coupons, free gifts and loads of other stuff.

Even The US Army knows the power of bonuses.

Chances are, if you land up on a website that does not offer any of this stuff – you will probably feel underwhelmed. Your subconscious, which is used to being constantly stimulated by bonuses and goodies, will feel that it is not getting good deal!

affiliate marketing bonus

Bonus and gifts have deep rooted psychology. When we receive a gift, the reward center of our brain gets activated.

Advertisers know this very well and they exploit this behavior mercilessly!

They have made us all bonus junkies! We are addicted to bonuses – we feel sad and cheated and duped if we do not get rewards, special discounts and gifts. We expect to get reward points even for buying potatoes and carrots at the supermarket.


How and why to create bonuses for your affiliate offer

If you are not offering bonuses on your website, people are not likely to stick around – even if your basic product and content is good.

They will click on the red cross at the top right of their screen and move on to the next website that offers them something for free!

Integrate a well-structured bonus into your base offer and see how this reflects on sales.

Here is an example to help you understand better: Say you are selling a course on how to make money through Youtube. The introductory bonus can be a short ebook (or video course) on how to create viral videos.

You can give away this e-book free of cost just to get people to subscribe to your website or channel. You can also include a host of other free stuff like videos or ebooks about various interesting topics such as how to get people to hit the subscribe button, how to buy the right video shooting equipment etc.

You can then include a coupon which entitles people to a discount when they buy equipment from a website that you recommend. They get a discount and you get paid – everybody wins!

bonus creation

It is best if you create a separate bonus product for your buyers. However, if you do not have the time and/or resources to create a product, simply recommend some free stuff.

You can also package your product in a way that makes it look like you are offering lots of bonuses.

For example: If you selling a weight loss product, it probably already contains information on what to order at restaurants and cafes.

However, you can simply state that this is a bonus mini ebook that will be included for free with your main product. You get the point!

Bonuses are not evil – they are not traps to lure and dupe customers. Rather, they are avenues for providing more value to create a win win situation!

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 Posted on : November 3, 2015
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