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Keyword Suggestion Review & Bonus Package

Product Name: Keyword Suggestion
Product Creators: Mike from Maine & Radu Hahaianu
Launch Date: Sept 25th – 9AM EST
Cost: $14.93
Website: TBA
Is it worth it?: Yes!

Hey guys! My name is JD Robertson and I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to read my Keyword Suggestion review. I look forward to showing you behind the scenes of this awesome new keyword finding software. Do not forget to scroll to the end of the review to see my exclusive Bonus Package.

keyword suggestion review and bonus

Keyword Suggestion Review – What it does and how it works.

Keyword Suggestion is an amazing tool created by Radu Hahaianu.

He recently teamed up with Mike Thomas (Mike From Maine) and now it is revamped to do EVEN MORE!

This powerful new tool is a Web-Based app. Web based software seems to be the new internet marketing rage these days for good reason.

Being web based means:

  • There is no need to download anything – You just log in and it works.
  • It goes with you wherever you are just by logging on any internet connected computer.
  • It is always compatible with your device
  • No need to install updates ever

With a Push of a button this software grabs all of the related keywords to your query using Google Auto-Complete Starting from A – Z .

It then displays the exact monthly searches of those keywords using the Google Keyword Planner.

A SECRET that not many marketers know is that The Google Keyword Tool and Google Auto-Complete actually use two SEPERATE databases.

What shows up with a simple Google Keyword tool search is not all of the keywords people are actually typing into Google when they run a search!

That’s right, Google auto complete shows exactly what people are typing in on the internet when they are interested in a keyword and it is until now an untapped resource!

keyword suggestion bonus

Keyword Suggestion Tool Break Down – What it will do for you

Review – List of features:

  • This amazing software will work with both Google AND Youtube.
  • Web based software ensures you have 24/7 access on any device as long as you are online and it is always up to date.
  • Easy to use, one click interface means even new marketers will have no trouble using the software.
  • 1 simple click will gather you all the most common search terms for any given keyword within Google Auto-Complete.
  • It cross checks the exact monthly searches of those collected terms to show you the best, highest traffic keywords no one else is going after!
  • Just click a button to save all keyword results in either a CSV or a text file.


Want to know the best place to hide a dead body?

Keyword Suggestion

That’s right, if you are not on page 1 of Google for your keyword then nobody will ever find it.

With Keyword Suggestion you can find the easiest to rank keywords with little to no competition.

Most people are using the Google Keyword Planner but it uses a different data base than Google auto complete which is much more accurate.

These Google auto-complete keywords are a gold mine for the new or experienced marketer.

Picking the right keywords is crucial to getting traffic and sales for your website.

If you pick a keyword that is too competitive you will not rank easily and if you pick one with no monthly searches there is no point.

This is exactly why I love this keyword research software! It makes it SIMPLE to go after keywords that people are using in the search engine when they are researching a topic.

These long tail keywords are low hanging fruit with very little competition to them.

The Google Keyword tool was designed for advertisers. It was not made for finding easy to rank Keywords.

Keyword Suggestion is an amazing program created by Radu Hahaianu that finds keywords and exact monthly traffic for them based on what people ACTUALLY type into the search engines monthly.

Picking the right keywords is the basic foundation to a successful website.

It is sowing the field first so you can reap the harvest later. If you plant useless seeds then you know what to expect.

When you use this powerful software to do the heavy lifting research for you it will find the BEST seeds to plant so that you may have a bountiful harvest of traffic and conversions to your website and offers.

It is not often that a unique software comes along that can really help your business by making things simple.

If you understand keyword research then you know how important it is to do it correctly.

With Keyword Suggestion, getting ranking results is as easy as pushing a button.

keyword suggestion

Keyword Suggestion Price – How much is it and what are the Upsells?

Keyword Suggestion has a very low base price of $14.93 and in my opinion it is worth every penny. Even if you just bought the basic front end offer you have a powerful software that will produce amazing keyword opportunities at the push of a button.

Like any other internet marketing product there are powerful extras offered once you become a member.

Here is a info-graphic of the extras you may purchase once you decide to become a member and try this powerful keyword research tool.

How much is Keyword Suggestion

This software is still in development and more information on these extras will be available as I get access to the product and more information from Radu.

Keyword Suggestion Bonus – My Exclusive package of Bonuses

I have worked very hard to compile a list of exclusive bonuses that will nicely compliment your Keyword Suggestion experience.

Be sure to clear your cookies THEN click THIS LINK to guarantee you get your extras.

They will be auto-delivered to you as soon as you purchase the Keyword Suggestion tool. It is my sincere wish that this software helps you scale up your business to amazing levels and these bonuses should help you on your path to success.


Thanks for checking out my page! Please click Like and Google + if you found it valuable. I really appreciate it! :)

 Posted on : September 4, 2015
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