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How to Make Money With a Blog

These days, many individuals seek new ways to rake in a passive income by dabbling into Internet endeavors that allow them to work from home.

From building web stores to offering services through a website, there are numerous ways for you to earn money by using the web as a tool.

One of the most popular ways to do so includes creating and maintaining a blog.

But what is a blog really? The idea of a blog started as a means of creating a web journal which receives regular updates from its author, derived from the original term  weblog.

However, the usage of blogs has expanded from personal usage to an informative or journalistic means of spreading information.

Businesses often use them to draw traffic to their websites, and individuals may use them to generate a source of income once their blog gains enough clicks, views, and reads.

how to make money with a blog

Blogging for Beginners

Now that you’re interest has been peaked, let’s take a look at the basics of blogging.

If you have never maintained a blog of your own before, then you will need a few tips and tricks on how to create and update your blog, and eventually get yourself out there to obtain new readership.

For some ideas on how to start a blog, take a look at your favorite bloggers and their sites.

Then, take some notes to get ideas how to create your own. You will need a blog platform upon which you can begin blog building, whether you chose WordPress, Blogsite, Google Plus, or another platform of your choosing.

Next, decide whether you want to self-host or use the free package that comes with most sites.

Each of these choices has their downsides, as self-hosting often allows more options and free range in things like domain name. However, free packages are, well, free, and many beginners prefer this alternative.

Finally, design the aesthetics for your site. What icons, color themes, and visuals will you use to capture your audience’s attention? What sets your blog’s appearance apart from the rest to grab attention and maintain it?


How to Make Money with a Blog for Beginners


As with many professions or hobbies, you will make mistakes as you go. It is highly important to learn from these mistakes, and improve upon your original design once you get the hang of it.

As a beginning blogger who wants to start drawing in money from your blog, it may help you to ensure that you employ these few simple tips and tricks to draw in readership and maintain it.

Take some lessons from how to make money from a website in general, as this can help you to structure your blog’s appearance and tailor to your target audience’s desires.

First of all, customizing the appearance of your blog can help your site appear to be a cut above the rest. This will create distinguishable aesthetics that play into the tone of your content.

Next, ensure that your site is easily navigable by your visitors, or you will start losing them as soon as you gain them. Test-drive your own site, and ask others test out its usability as well.

Don’t forget that visitors may use phones, tablets, Ipads, and laptops to access your site, so you will want to make sure each device can access it with ease.

A final tip requires that you implement good blog hygiene, meaning that each post you make public has a format, and contains good quality writing.

The cleaner it looks upon first glance, the better the first impression, and the more likely you will have a new reader. These are methods to help you learn how to make money from a blog for free.


How to Make Money with a Blog 2015


Technology, relevant content, and website management changes constantly with each passing month and year.

Therefore, it is highly important to ensure that you stay up to date with methods through which you can extend your readership and draw in new audience members to increase traffic.

Now that you have gotten your blog up and running to a good start, with consistent, formatted posts and eye catching design and graphics, it’s time to implement some advertising to reach out to other websurfers.

One method of doing so is through social media – another way to earn money and draw attention to your site for free.

Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook allow you to further your interactions with your readers, and for them to enjoy the same with each other.

They can tag each other in posts with your content linked to it through retweets and status updates.

Signal boosting your online presence is a great way to learn how to make money from your home blog by through social media extensions.


You can also increase your readership through other online marketing strategies.

Advertising yourself helps increase your traffic, thereby increasing your earnings, and selecting the best possible methods for doing so plays a huge role in running a trendy, technologically current blog.

Many website creators use Adsense, a free tool which allows Google to post ads on the page, as a means of drawing in more income.

Another marketing strategy lies in creating keyword-rich content. When someone types a subject into a search engine, such as Google, a suggestion for the search often pops up beneath it to help the searcher.

This is a keyword, and perform research about keywords in your specific niche can help you generate more searchable content.

You can also rake in a larger readership through methods of affiliate marketing, in which you represent or advertise a product or service on your site, and receive commission from the business. Other ways to promote other brands in order to gain more attention include performing reviews about products and services, and hosting free giveaways.

Everyone likes free things, right? This method will certainly draw in some extra attention. One thing is for certain: keep everything, from your advertisements, to content, to aesthetics and visuals, fresh, trendy, and up to date for an altogether successful blog.


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    Thank you, This really helped me make a decision on choosing a blog platform. Free is best 🙂

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