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How Much Money can you Make Blogging?

If you have been wondering how to make money blogging, you have landed at the right place! The phenomenon of blogging has been taking the writing enthusiasts around the world by a storm for a decade now. The new money-making prospect has led many people to quit their day jobs and explore what blogging has to offer.

However, the scenario has evolved beyond recognition. Before you depend on blogging for bringing home a fat check, it is important that you know the nitty-gritty of the idea. In this write-up, we would talk about how to start a blog and how much money can you make blogging with Adsense.

How Much Money Can You Make Blogging

How to Start a Blog?

First off, you need to come up with a concept for blogging. The popularity of the concept and the quality of the content will have a significant impact on your blog’s earning potential. If you look at the current trends, niches like food, technology, automobiles, DIY projects, gaming, business etc are all the rage. The focus should be to provide solutions to the problems through your content. Once you have picked a niche you are passionate about, it’s time to set up the blog, which comprises of 5 simple steps.

A web-hosting service offers space on their server for your blog, so that it can be found on the internet. You can go for either a free service such as Blogger or you can pay for hosting. Choosing a paid service proves resourceful in the long run because it offers flexibility, a higher degree of customization, and a better page rank. A higher page rank means enhanced visibility, a greater number of page views, which has a positive impact on how much does a blogger make.

The hosting package that you should pick depends majorly on your budget, website space, the number subdomains and email account you wish to have. It would be extremely smart of you to compare the offers of two or more web-hosting services.

  • Pick a Domain Name

Domain name is the URL of your blog. Choose it wisely after doing a thorough keyword research related to your niche. It should be precise, short and easy to recall.

  • Set up WordPress

If you are using a free service like Blogger, you can get started right away. If not, then WordPress is certainly your best bet. It takes some time to wrap your head around it, but its level of sophistication and flexibility would ultimately pay off well. This part includes installation, generating login credentials, and working on the theme, navigation and design of your website.

  • Publishing and Promotion

Now comes the most important aspect of blogging; publishing the content. Quality, utility and SEO-friendliness of the content is what brings in new and repeat visitors. You should publish consistently and regularly. Do not forget to promote your blog on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc using personal or business accounts. Do interact with fellow bloggers to build a network and gain popularity.

  • Employ a Stream of Income

How much money do bloggers make varies a lot, depending on the niche, traffic volume and demographics, the number of posts and the type of income stream they have in place. Signing up for Adsense and displaying ads on your blog is the most common way to monetize it. Besides Adsense, you could opt for affiliate marketing, offer services or sell digital or tangible products. Some bloggers publish sponsored posts for different brands to get paid.

How much do Bloggers Earn?

How Much Money Can You earn Blogging

How Much Money Can You earn Blogging

Now let’s take a look at how much money can you make with Adsense. Surprisingly, the number can vary from zero to more than a thousand dollars per month. Statistics suggests that nearly 10% of the bloggers earn absolutely nothing from Adsense. A majority of bloggers barely earn $3.5 a day. On the other hand, there are freelance bloggers who blog regularly and make anything between $10 and $100 per post. Don’t be disheartened just yet. The earnings of the next category of bloggers are absolutely mind blowing! Bloggers like Deby of make $1100 every month, give or take.

The calculation of earnings from Adsense is based on 2 major components.

  • Cost per Mille or Page CPM (cost per 1000 impressions )

  • Click Through Rate or CTR

CPM denotes the amount of money every 1000 page impressions fetches, irrespective of the number of ads. Since the Adsense terms of service prevent the publishers to disclose these statistics, it is a general assumption to consider the average CPM as $2. So if your blog earns $2/1000 page impressions, it will take you 50,000 page impressions to earn the minimum payout of $100.

It is also commonly assumed that a visitor visits 1.5 pages on an average. Taking that into account you would need to get 33,334 visitors on your blog in order to get 50,000 page impressions. It is highly recommended that 70% of the traffic should come from organic search, i.e., from search engine results, which is 23,334 visitors. These visitors have been known for their higher propensity to click on ads. This is where the CTR comes in the picture. CTR is the percentage rate of clicks per 1000 visitors.

Furthermore, traffic from developed countries like USA, Canada, and Australia bring in more money, while that from developing countries like India, Pakistan, etc fetch just pennies. In a nutshell, how long does it take to earn the $100 and how much do bloggers earn from Adsense every year depends on how optimized their blog is. There are plenty of bloggers who maintain their lifestyle with the income from Adsense. So, the sky is the limit for the right kind of people.

Video marketing on Youtube

Now coming to the last part; how much money can you make marketing on YouTube? It depends on the viewers’ degree of engagement with the advertisements throughout the length of the video rather than just the number of views. It depends mainly on the keywords, which makes it highly subjective. For example, keywords like insurance and home mortgage carry a higher Cost per Click (CPC). On the other hand, there are Cost per View (CPV) ads. The norm is that the viewer should watch at least either half the ad or 30 seconds of it.

Channels like RayWilliamJohnson, Niga Higa, TheFineBros, etc have 8-figure subscriptions and 10-figure income! In all honesty, it calls for millions of views before you could make a living off YouTube. Not to mention, Google deducts a whopping 45% of the earnings before it is passed on to the users.

You can find more Youtube marketing tips here.

Blogging is certainly a smart way to earn a supplementary income. But you will need to be very patient and persistent before your blog can generate enough earnings to match your salary from the day job.

How much money can you make blogging?
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How much money can you make blogging?
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