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Commission Gorilla Review & Bonus Package

Product Name: Commission Gorilla
Creators: PromoteLabs  (with MediaKettle)
Date of Launch: 09-11-2015
Time of Launch: 11:00am EST
Price point: $37.00 Life Time or $67.00 Life Time Pro on the front end.
Category: Affiliate Marketing
Website: Commission Gorilla

*Review updated as of 11/8/2015!* – Launch is here!!!

Hello guys and gals! My name is JD Robertson and I am excited to share with you my in depth Commission Gorilla review.

I have been granted early behind the scenes access to this awesome new affiliate marketing software. I am very impressed with all of the things it can do. Effectively monetizing affiliate offers has never been easier with this exciting new SaaS platform.

Note – Do not forget to scroll to the end of this review for a peek at my exclusive bonus package I put together, it has been carefully hand picked to compliment the power of CG!


commission gorilla review


What is Commission Gorilla – How it works to maximize your affiliate commissions.


The software allows newbies and pros alike to design STUNNING sales pages as well as beautiful bonus offer pages. The easy to use and innovative drag and drop system will have you creating pages in a snap. The software is entirely web based and figuring it out is a breeze.

PromoteLabs & MediaKettle teamed up to create a SaaS platform made by affiliates FOR affiliates. The entire program took 1 year to develop and the effort really shows.

It was originally created for their own personal use as it boosted their sales tremendously both pre and post launch. The goal was to reduce their costs and free up time while increasing commissions with less work.

Due to popular demand they are now offering their exclusive system to the public. You can use it to promote any offer you want.


Review of features. Prepare to look PRO!


commission gorilla review bonus


100% Cloud based software:

Your new Commission Gorilla account is 100% hosted online on their servers. What this means for you is you will never have to download updates or be without it.

Wherever you are, if you have an internet connection then you have access to your software. Your work will follow you wherever you go.


Free Bonus Page Hosting:

After you use the software to design an AWESOME Sales or bonus page with your affiliate links you can choose to either –

  • Upload it directly to your website with the FREE included plugin
  • Upload via HTML to your website directly
  • OR just have the software host the page for you for free. You can send people there immediately!


Automated Bonus Delivery System with optional Monetized Download Pages:

The software automatically generates bonus delivery pages for your customers when you finish your bonus page offer! This is a huge time saver and your buyers will thank you for it!

You can even monetize the page and no one will ever know except your new customers. Remember, once a customer has bought from you once they are WAY more likely to purchase from you again. Catch them right away with an upsell when they are in buying mode.

Once you create an eye catching bonus it will be forever saved in the bonus block library.

Often times affiliates will reuse the same bonuses for promoting other offers (SEnuke TNG Review). This is a snap with the bonus block system.

All you need to do is pick the bonus you already created, drag and drop it on to your new bonus page and it will instantly appear on the page right where you want it for simple time saving reuse.


Sales Page and Bonus page cloning feature:

Already built a sales page for another offer in the same niche? Want to reuse your bonuses for another offer?

It is one SIMPLE button click away with the page clone feature. Just click the clone button and change the offer – easy peezy.

commission gorilla

Sales Stats Dashboard:

Your sales stats dashboard will quickly allow you to see your best offers, top converters and which one of your bonus pages are getting the most clicks & sales.

Split testing is a breeze and this is where the cloning feature really comes in handy. 😉


Built in Share features:

As soon as your sales page is created you can easily share it right away to all of your social networks. Sharing is a breeze with the built in share buttons. This is the fastest method to get some quick sales and possibly go viral.

commission gorilla bonus


– OK I have listed some of the features. They are always adding more. but you probably have some questions. –


Well don’t go bananas because THEY have answers!

See what I did there?? 🙂

questions 1 questions 2 questions 3

Commission Gorilla Bonus – Get my limited time hand picked EXTRAS

Thanks for checking out my page! Please click Like and Google + if you found it valuable. I really appreciate it! :)

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  1. Great review

  2. Those bonuses do look nice! Great review JD.

  3. The Commission Gorilla launch starts at midnight tonight! Feel free to leave me any questions and I will answer asap. Thanks for checking out my review! 🙂

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